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What is
ressol 2020?

  • The “Responsible solution” project created a plastic- and packaging-free selling solution for household chemical and cosmetic products.
  • Implementing the principles of sustainable packaging and the circular economy, Ressol brings eco-friendly innovation directly to the POS.
  • Compared to existing solutions, it offers customers far greater security, engagement and ease of use while regulatory compliance is also achieved.
  • The system is comprised of seamlessly integrated hardware and software components each geared towards providing an excellent customer experience.
  • Thus, the Ressol intelligent refilling station system enables the green and the digital transformation of traditional commerce.

The innovation behind the idea

  • We succeed where multinational household and cosmetics manufacturers falter: In providing a regulatorilly compliant refilling solution that is both easy and safe to use.
  • As a result, achieving sustainability and practicing environmental responsibility by reducing the use of plastic has never been so accessible to consumers.
  • The implementation of services such as the mass customization of reusable flacons and advanced data analytics are fundamentally advancing the technological state of the art for commercial approaches.
  • Ressol was awarded the Green Deal Seal of Excellence by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


Our holistic approach to reduce the problem of plastic pollution consists of the following interconnected elements:

1. Ressol knowledge: Preparing since 2017, the professional team of our company studied the problem and evaluated solutions from a variety of perspectives (e.g. legal framework, technical background, deep tech line, customer behaviour, psychological influencing factors).

2. IT system architecture: Encompassing the backend services, the dispenser machine application, the customer relation interface, the mobile application, and the backoffice interface. Working seamlessly together, they offer a great customer experience and generate valuable insights.

3. Refilling station: The packaging-free dispenser machine is a 100% Hungarian development. It is a worldwide unique technological solution, developed and implemented with conscious environmental protection principles.


Benefits of the refilling station

  • From design over assembly to maintenance, it is the work of Hungarian specialists.
  • Forms a completely closed system controlled and monitored by a computer, it has been tested and secured several times for proper filling.
  • Automatic removal and application of the closing cap, mass measurement integrated into the filling process.
  • Automatic printing and application of the currently up-to-date label, in accordance with the changing legislations and regulations.
  • The front facing the customer is completely covered so that an appropriate branding and decorations can be applied to it.

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